Buy Cookies Pre-rolls online  come in singles, and pre-rolls come in packs. Some of the single joints are average size – a half gram or more. Some of the are quite large: one gram or more. These fattie pre-rollsdoobies might be infused with shatter or wax, coated in kief, wrapped in hemp, and otherwise further suffused with cannabis. At the far extreme of party joint, there’s such a thing as a “Chonger” which is a single pre-rolls containing an entire eighth of pot.

Cookies’ exclusive strain of Gelato #42 boasts a quality that can’t be beaten. This Indica-leaning mashup of Thin Mint Cookies and Sunset Sherbet, this strain’s high THC percentage offers relaxing body effects without fuzzing the mind, while its fruity and sweet aromas and earthy sweet flavors offer a truly delightful experience. This full gram pre roll by cookies gives you a chance to enjoy this exquisite strain for a fraction of the cost. Buy Cookies Pre-rolls online


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